Free Shipping On Orders Over $40


Our tea is shipped through USPS and Canada Post. 

To ensure we provide the freshest, most high quality tea possible, we ship directly from the supplier. This allows us to keep our prices low while still providing premium, high grade tea. 

Because of this, our shipping times are as follows:

Estimated delivery times for our tea are 5-7 business days for the Eastern half of the United States and 5-10 business days for the Western half of the United States. Please also allow a full day for processing and handling.

Delivery times will vary for International shipping.  

Accessories/Other products:

We work with companies around the world for our accessories and other products. These products may be shipped individually so that we ensure faster delivery to you. 

Estimated delivery times for some of our accessories and non-tea products are 12-24 days. 

Because we use multiple vendors for our accessories and a different vendor for our tea, these items are shipped separately but don't worry, we don't require extra shipping charges!