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About Vyan Tea

Vyan Tea Company seeds were planted when we decided to change some of our lifestyle habits to include a healthier way of living using more of a holistic approach. So our love for tea began. 

The word Vyan is a Hindi word that mean 'life giving'. We chose this name since tea itself can literally give people back their life due to their healing properties. We found so many health benefits from tea that we didn't know about and came to find many others don't know about them either. We wanted to share our love for a more natural and holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle and since our journey started with tea, we have began Vyan Tea Company's journey. 

We knew we had to find the best tea to offer our customers. Our tea suppliers know that we don't need to add sugars and chemicals to maintain great taste. They offer award winning tea as they continue to find organic tea with little to no use of pesticides. Our tea suppliers are the best at what they do! 

Since light, oxygen and moisture can decrease the shelf life of tea, our stainless steel tins will keep your tea fresh for up to two years. 

In addition to keeping ourselves healthy, we want to think of keeping our Earth healthy too! So our shipping and packaging supplies are recyclable and compostable.

We hope our customers can find their love for tea as we have and that we can spread our awareness of the many benefits that can come from tea. 

~Vyan Tea Company