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Tea Found To Help Defeat Breast Cancer

Oolong teaCancer Sucks

You read that title right...a recent study published in the journal of Anticancer Research has found that green tea and oolong tea has cancer fighting capabilities. This is such an exciting study, that the researchers have decided to look into this further.

Now let's go over a little on what this study stated and how exactly it helps with breast cancer. The crazy thing about breast cancer is how prevalent it actually is. In 2018, 250,000 women were diagnosed with breast cancer. Of those quarter million women, 41,000 are expected to die from it. 

That is 41,000 mothers, sisters, daughters, cousins, aunts and wives that are going to be lost due to this one type of cancer. That is a scary thing to think about. What is even scarier, is how many women don't do a thing to prevent this horrible killer. 

How To Fight Breast Cancer Naturally

Here is the great thing for all you women out there. You don't have to do much to prevent breast cancer. In fact, as we have spoken about so far, you might be able to actually help fight breast cancer if you do have it.

All you have to do is simply drink some delicious oolong tea and/or green tea. Let's break it down Barney style as to why these herbal drinks help with breast cancer. The is what was written in the article.

"In the lab, the researchers tested five different tea extracts on six different breast cancer cell lines...Green and oolong tea extracts prohibited breast cancer cell growth in all six breast cancer cell lines."

Not All Tea's Are Created Equally

Green and oolong tea actually stopped breast cancer growth!!! That is amazing!!! They also tested black tea, but found that it did not have any effect. In the study, they looked at data from the Chinese and Fujian cancer registry.

They found that high consumers of oolong tea had a 25% lower incidence rate compared to the average Fujian and a 50% lower than the national average. With a death rate of high consumers of oolong tea being 68% lower than the national average.

This is no coincidence, this is scientific fact. Women, please take care of your tata's. The world loves them and appreciates them. Get some oolong tea and green tea today and let's beat cancer.

I am actually going to put a couple of links here in case any of you would like to read more about this.